sobota, 16 sierpnia 2014

Liebst Award~ Thank you Susy :*

So I have been nominated for Liebst Award. I was like "wow someone really read my blog" xDDD
Thank you Susy :* Her really cute blog is here:


1.How long have you been blogging?
Well... my first post was in 22.01.2013 so 1,5 a year,,, wow so long ._. I didnt realize it before haha. 

2.If someone gave you $40 to spend on beauty products, what would you buy?
BB cream... I guess it wasnt suprising xD

3.Do you read manga? If you do, which is your favourite one?
Mars <3 it was my first manga and this story will always stay in my heart <3

4.Have you ever been to another continent?
No but I hope someday I will have this chance ;)

5.What is your favourite dessert?
Chocolate <3

6.What is your best feature?
Well thats hard... maybe sense of justice.

7. Who's your favourite blogger/vlogger?

yt: polimaty, adbuster (polish chanels)

8.If you could only wear one colour for the rest of your life, which one would it be?
black coz its best universal

9.What is your favourite brand and why?
Im afraid I dont have any, sorry

10.Who's your girl crush?
before 2 months it was Akira from magazine Kera.

11.What's your favourite band/group?
Green Day, Apocaliptica, The Gazette

Facts about me:

1. I study engineering.
2. When I was younger I wanted to be a car mechanic.
3. I hate mean people and haters.
4. I changing my decisions all the time so if something isnt how I expecited I will always find new way and new thing to do.
5. When I have no make up people mistaken for me with a boy xD
6. Im funny person but in the same time very shy and blue. People asking me how is possible to be funny and blue person in the same time. Well I can xD 
7. I love my friend Kaya coz conversation with her is always very truly. 
8. I was a volunteer and was on course about sport with disabled people.
9. When I was younger people thought that Im older then I really was. Now they think Im younger.
10. Japanese girls many times want to be my friend coz Im european and I can probable find them white boyfriend... ._.  
11. I have yellow lab called Max. 

Sorry but I really have noone to nominate, maybe with a time it will change and then I will back to this post. 

piątek, 4 lipca 2014

"Why Im not Asian? I cant be bautiful" WTF? O.o

Post special for girls which have some weird complex coz they arent Asians (chinese, japanese, korean etc).

I dont see any ugly girl here so stop talking bullshit. You are beautiful but you dont see it. Problem isnt in race but in your mind. 

How hosts looks everyday?

Host... I guess everyone know whats this xD That pretty guys and girls which spends time with you for money xDDD

"Hostess clubs are a common feature in the night-time entertainment industry of JapanEast Asian countries and other areas with a high Japanese population. They employ primarily female staff and cater to males seeking drinks and attentive conversation. The more recent host clubs are similar establishments where primarily male staff cater to females. Host and hostess clubs are considered part of mizu shobai or "water trade" in Japan." ~ Wikipedia more here.

Anonym asked me if I can find how male hosts looks outside the club. So... the truth is most of them are just gyaruo.

"Gyaruo (which can be written as ギャル男, ギャルオ, ギャル汚 in Japanese) are a sub-group of modern Japanese youth culture. They are the male equivalent of the gyaru. The o suffix that is added to the word, is one reading of the Kanji for male (男). And recently, the kanji for 'dirty' in Japanese (汚), which also has the same reading, is often used by gyaru and gyaru-o in a light hearted way, poking fun at themselves because of the reputation that their subculture has gained within society due to their dark skin, hairstyles and often grittish, rough style of clothing that they wear. Gyaruo are characterised by their deep tans, dyed hair, party lifestyle and a liking for all different types of trance music including para-para dancing music, Eurobeat, etc." ~ Wikipedia more here.

and now its spam time xD

More pics you can find here.

end xD