piątek, 31 maja 2013

Ulzzang Secrets: How to looks perfect without makeup? (korean cosmetics)

Hi guys,
I would like to say something about cosmetics which choosing korean girls. The most of korean girls using local products, a special series of cosmetics like...

So thats nothing new coz many girls buying all series to have better effects. Theoretically thats logic and really can works but personally I choosing only this parts which I need. Once I used series of polish cosmetics Ziaja TinTin. It was really awesome and I was so happy with effects. In series was:

Face gel

Im not sure if this serie still exist but if u guys will be have chance u should try it ;)

Korean skin routine... is some routine for all korean girls? I dont think so haha xD Everyone using other cosmetics and in other parts but very popular is to using:
- foam cleanser
- peeling
- tonic
- sheet mask
- serum
- cream
- sunscreen
- sleeping pack
- strips cleansing nose
- BB cream

Are we really need korean cosmetics to looks good? No, we just need GOOD cosmetics which us skin need but about it in next posts ;)

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