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DIY Lip Balm

DIY Lip Balm

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You will need:
- Vaseline
- Powdered eye shadow or blush
- Small empty container
- Small mixing utensil

1. Fill your container with Vaseline (petroleum jelly). 2. Sprinkle your favourite eyeshadow or blush on top. I used Everyday Minerals blush in DVR Saturday. 3. Mix it all together well. Clean up the edges. 4. Apply!

INGREDIENTS: 3 Blackberries (for their bright berry color), 1 Raspberry (for its feminine pink color), 3 Pomegranate Seeds (for their vibrant red color), 1/2 teaspoon edible oil (I used Extra Virgin Olive Oil), a small Bowl + Spoon (or mortar + pestle if you have them), Fork or Sifter to drain, small 5-gram Pot/Jar with screw top from any craft store
STEP 1: Mash the blackberries and raspberry in the bowl thoroughly with the back of your spoon.
STEP 2: Add the pomegranate juice into the mixture by individually squeezing them between your thumb and index fingers over the bowl.
STEP 3: Pour the olive oil into the bowl and stir everything together with your spoon.
STEP 4: Finish by draining the liquid from the mixture into your small portable jar.
For application, use your fingers, a lip brush or a Q-tip. It’ll only be good for a few days so refrigerate it for longevity.

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