wtorek, 2 kwietnia 2013

Gyaru lip makeup tutorial

Hi girls,
I guess when u see a title "Gyaru lip makeup" I think "WTF?! Everyone know this. Lipgloss or lipstick and finish" but gyaru technique looks little different. 

1) All smart gyaru never forget about lip balm, we want to have beautiful and health lips. 
U can use lip balm from shop or do lip balm by yourself,  . U can also us some lip salve.

2)  Next step is lipstick. Color is depends of style which u prefer but most popular are very light colors like pink, peach, nude. Sometimes onee gyaru, rokku and agejo using red. In Asia big lips are really not cool so girls using light colors to make them really small. 

3) On finish u need  lipgloss, it make ur lips more shining, it will moisturize lips and will be very nice if u planing kissing someone ;p Color is always the same what lipstick or little brighter.

 I really like this technique coz it lips are cute and health ^.^

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  2. the last tutorial *-* beautifull ~ love this make up >u<