środa, 12 czerwca 2013

Girlish room DIY

Hi guys,
All girls want to be like princess so... Here are some DIY how u can do this ;)

1) DIY Monogrammed Cute PillowCases

2) DIY Showcase Shadow Jewelry Box

3) DIY Necklace and Jewelry Display Spinning Stand

4)DIY Rotating Nail Polish & Jewelry Display

5)DIY Glitter iPhone Charger

6)DIY: Flower Lampshade

7) DIY: Shoebox Storage

8) How to make a Seashell mosaic table

9) HOW TO: $5-10 butterfly DIY wall decor

10) Wall decals installation video by Surface Inspired

11) DIY Dorm Room Wall Decor

12) DIY how to Glitter a Chair!

13) DIY Donut Pillow w/ Strawberry Frosting

14) DIY Strawberry Pillows

15) DIY Seashell, seaglass and sand Candles

16) Make a Cute Kitty!

17)DIY Cute Poodle Plushie

18) DIY Puppy Plushie

19) DIY: Floral Room Decor Letters

20) DIY Glam Lightswitch Covers

21) Home Decor DIY: Flower Lights

22) 10 DIY Gifts: Gift idea 7 : Candy jar / Fake Bubble Gum Dispenser

23) DIY: Room Decor- Quote Cutout by Niki

24) DIY: Glowing Headboard

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  1. O matko...świetne pomysły! Ja zbieram zawleczki od puszek i myślę by zrobić z nich klosz na lampę:)

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