czwartek, 13 czerwca 2013

Korean fashion DIY

Hi guys,
Here I have for u DIY how to make clothes in korean style. So lets go ;)

1) DIY Mustache & Cute Printed Sweaters or T-shirts

2) DIY Cute Sweater

3) DIY: Cutest Beanie Ever + Pom Poms

4)DIY Cute Heart & Elbow Patch Sweater Trend

5)Transform your SCARF into cute DRESSES!

6)Leopard Shorts DIY

7) Make your old shirts cute and new again!!

8) DIY Skirt with Elastic Tutorial

9) DIY Oxblood Dress for Holidays

10) DIY & OOTD Gold Metallic Skirt for Fall

11) DIY Garter Leggings & Giveaway Ft. Retro City Sunglasses

12) DIY & OOTD Bustier/Bralette

13) DIY & OOTD Asymmetrical Wrap Skirt

14) DIY Skater Skirt

15) DIY Linked-Up Neon Dress

16) DIY Spring Pleated Dress

17) DIY Backless Dress

18) DIY Collar Dress

19) DIY Christmas Thunder Patch Sweater

20) DIY & OOTD Statement Print Top

21) OOTD & DIY Pleated Shorts

22) DIY & OOTD Floral One-Piece Dress

23) OOTD & DIY Zipper Blazer


25) OOTD & DIY Ombre Top

26) OOTD & DIY Galaxy T-Shirt

27) OOTD & DIY H-Line Simple Dress

28) DIY Runway: Burberry Owl Sweater

29) DIY: Princess Prom Dress

30) DIY: Floral Summer Dress

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  1. Świetny jest ten t-shirt galaxy, ale ja chyba nie mam takich umiejętności ;)

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