czwartek, 24 stycznia 2013

Date with ur ulzzang boyfriend

Hi guys,
U know or don't know about it (now u will be know) but many girls which like kpop and korean culture (so ulzzang too) they have some imagination about korean mans, they dreaming about beautiful and romantic "flower boy". Why is like that? That's pretty simple. European man in us culture (I guess in american too) must be strong, handsome, brave, self-confident. To show that man is a man they sleeping and dating with many girls, not because they falling in love that fast but because they want to say friends how much girls they had. That's pretty sad coz when someone do like that he/she stop think about others person like about human but like... stuff? Like some new clothes? Coz u not love ur clothes, u just like wear it on yourself but anyway... When girls watching korean dramas and see this cute boys which fall in love with someone in that cute way and they was that cute shy to say "saranghae" or take her hand... Many people think that is real.So when girl is just tired of guys which want to be in 100% mans she find some alternative in drama and she decided that she want korean boyfriend.
I like watching dramas coz that's teaching me to appreciate small things. We living very fast and we forget about how important is this person which is nearby. Come on everyone, lets start to be geek and be happy in every moments in us life. Be happy coz u talking today with ur friends. Be happy coz u eat dinner with ur parents. Be happy coz u date with ur partner (even if u have bad time now, u are still together so are some reasons why). 
But let's back to topic. If someone looking for some picture of korean guys in internet they find kpop stars or ulzzang boys. 
So when someone meet real korean guys is disappointed coz they looks like real humans haha xD 
Do u see a different? Secret why ulzzang, actors or kpop idols are that perfect its not good genes (maybe sometimes) but makeup and plastic surgery.
Many times I saw how girls on internet wrote how they love XYZ coz he is that perfect and cute etc. But... is? Coz I don't think so ;p Let me show u something.
On internet is 5 or maybe 6 the most popular ulzzang boys. All cute with perfect skin, long eyes, double eyelid, egyou sal, big iris, delicate face, small nose and everythink what u think that is perfect. But how they looks without makeup?

1. Lee Do Hyeong

2. Kim Shin Hyeong

3. Park Ji Ho

4. Kang Hyuk Min

5. Ho Jun Yeon
6. Park Tae Jun

7. Park Jae Hyun

8. Joo Hyun Ho

 So u see, they without makeup looks normal too. I understand why my friends looking for girls which not using makeup hahaha xD U going on date and u see some person which say "sorry, I didn't had a time to do makeup" when u thinking "who the hell are u?" xD

But this guys are my heros coz how much people do that good makeup to steal 100000000... people hearts? Logically that's impossible but really?

So lesson for all girls, when u meet attractive guy ask him about photo without makeup xD (sorry boys but that not working in different way).

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  1. Odpowiedzi
    1. No jak kazdy narnormalniejszy azjata. W sumie gdybysmy widzialy ich od poczatku bez makijazu nie byloby porownania.

  2. So true, there's an image that girls cling too (I think girls more than guys). But if you like someone, they become more attractive to you, right? (: Is what I think ~ Great post! Couple grammatical errors but comprehensible :3

    1. thanks ^^ u know I still study and blog is some kind of way to practice to me. I hope will be better ;)

  3. park tae jun is still beatiful without makeup

  4. 4 Kang Min Hyuk is still cute but i see your point everyone even in other countries the celebrities will always look better than people XD so maybe no generalization

  5. great post! Here, in India, girls are going crazy for Korean guys after watching dramas. But this really is an eye-opener.