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Natural korean makeup (skin)

Hi guys,
So lets start with my series.
I know that I shouldnt on first talk about make up but I think its some kind of symbol korean culture in us (european, american etc) eyes.
I think that everyone know how looks korean celebrities. They always looks so fresh, natural, elegance, glam. Skin always is very shine, shadows on eyes in neutral colors and light lips.

In Korea make up is very important (like in other places in Asia). Girls want to looks pretty but still naturals like without make up coz in Korea mask effect is like something terrible. Maybe u guys think now "gosh so what is the sense to do make up?". Make up should make us more beautiful but not make us someone different.

Ideal korean face

Why we not looks good in korean make up? Coz we dont know what we want. We never will be looks like korean person but thats not mean that we cant be pretty like them, have perfect skin, fresh make up etc
So lets start with natural korean make up:
1) Skin: 
Should be very shine, light and without acne or any imperfections. Dont worrie if ur skin isnt that perfect. I will writing about it in next posts ;)

So first cover all imperfections which u have like acne, scars, dark circles etc. U need concealer. Many people thinks they dont need this but... are u sure?

Next foundation, must be very light and makes ur skin shine. U dont need BB cream, thats ur choice. BB always have something more then normal foundation, it have SPF, moisturizing ingredients, anti wrinkles etc. The same effect u will be have when before make up u use on face cream with hyaluronic acid. They arent very expensive and are better then normal moisturizing creams. 


Last what we need is shining powder and finish. Now we have pretty skin ;) 
Thats so easy and looks very natural. I love this part of korean makeup coz I hate mat face. For me it looks very not natural, sad and tired.

Next parts soon.

Always using foundation little lighter then ur face skin tone. It will be looks more natural coz us neck always is lighter then face ;p 
Dont go to sleep with make up coz tomorrow ur skin will be looks so bad.
Not using make up everyday, ur skin need holiday too ^.~

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  1. Uwielbiam taki naturalny wygląd co styka się z kanonami gyaru, wyglądać naturalnie jak laleczka to jest to!Świetny post ,zainspirowałaś mnie ,wiele razy myślę o takim makijażu ale nigdy go nie robię.O.O Zorbie sobie taki się pochwalę !<3

    1. to bardzo sie ciesze ze kogos zainspirowalam ^.~ ja uwielbiam taka blyszczaca twarzyczke ^^ moze nie tak bardzo jak niektore koreanskie celebrytki co maja tego tyle jakby olej wylaly hahaha xd jak skoncza mi sie sesje dodam nastepne party co do ust I oczu.