czwartek, 24 stycznia 2013

Winter God

Hi guys,
Day by day is colder in Poland. Thought about go outside makes me sick ;p So I have for u some
curiosity. In shops is many cosmetics specifically for winter but people hmmm don't trust them and that's why they don't buy it? Coz seriously I don't get it. When is -13*C I dying without cosmetics like that. So if u guys don't want to be sick or u hate cold that's something for u ;)
So maybe on first something for hands ;)

I using Soraya hand cream winter edition. This product should:
1)  intensive hand protects the skin from the damaging effects of frost, wind, snow
2)  gently nourishes, softens and soothes the skin
3)  reduces the discomfort of being in the cool and cold, as well as redness and irritation arising from low temperatures.

For me it's great. I don't need gloves coz this cream really works. Isn't very oily so I can do everything and I don't need to worrie to not dirty something. 

Next what is more important for everyone, face.
That's Perfecta WinterCare protective cream. First I bought this edition for skiers and was awesome but in this year I bought normal. I'm so disappointed coz isn't that good like for skiers. Cream is designed to the same things waht Sayos but it have UVA/UVB SPF 14 and should protect us skin to -20*C. Normal version isn't that good and is more oily -.- but that's not mean that don't working. Just when I used version for skiers I saw better effects. 

Maybe for other parts of us body are winter cosmetics too but for me that's dont have a sense. U just need some good creams to face and hands. That's it ;) 

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