poniedziałek, 25 marca 2013

Bad Guy BB Cream only for men!

Hi guys,
Everyone knows what is BB cream (or if not u can find it in internet) but if u thought thats only for girls... U ARE WRONG. I am pleased to present new cosmetics ETUDE Bad Guy BB Cream.
Everyone want to have perfect skin, guys too. Girls dont say that u dont like guys with beautiful face without acne ;p Many korean stars using BB Creams coz its not that heavy like traditional fundations. 

Other plus is fact that BB Creams have many good components. Its like many cosmetics in one. 
ETUDE Bad Guy BB Cream is for oily skin.  

-UV Protection: SPF35 PA++ 
-Full coverage perfect for hiding imperfections
-Shine Controlling properties designed for oily skin
-Whitening & Anti-Wrinkle properties

I really like the results. This guys looks like 10 years younger haha ;p
So who want to buy this cream? ;)

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