piątek, 15 marca 2013

Review/ Alterra vs Shauma

Hi guys,
I tell u my secret today. So... I getting lost hair TT No no isn't THAT terrible but I must really take care of it. In last time I bought 2 new shampoo with caffeine. 
Alterra Koffein Shampoo - Biotin & Koffein, shampoo for weak hair, hair falling out.
Schauma, fito-coffeine, shampoo for weak, thin hair, hair falling out.

Theoretically that should be the same shampoo and they should works in the same way. But! Life is funny and that's not true heh.
Alterra is really good for my hair. After month I saw less hair on my brush. But I had stupid idea and I decided to buy Schauma. Just at once after I started using it my hair falling out again. What worse they was very dry, hard to combing and do something with it. I threw it and I ran to shop for Alterra. 

I just dont get it. Why cosmetics which should helps us in real are just bad? Producents make spectacular advertising to sell some shit. Shampoo which should help me with getting lost hair only make them worse? What next? They will be want to sell some magic mask which make new hair on my head? And what will be result? That I lost all hair which I still have? Sorry but Im so angry -.-"

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