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Ajumma vs Moher

Hi guys,
I wanted writing about it little time ago but... hmmm... I forgot? xD Anyway thats interesting topic I think so lest start.
Ajumma - phrase which we using when we want to say something to to old lady. Theoretically thats positive but sometimes people using it in negative way too. Sometimes people call like that people which are pugnacious, stubborn and who dont know how to wear, something like fashion killer haha xD

Moher - totally negative word which people using when they talking about old ladies in mohair hat. Moher means mohair.
Ajumma and Moher are type of womans which isnt nice to meet hehe. Many times I heard about aggressive Ajumma, they are very traditional, many times are racist, they comment everything around. The same things I can say about Moher. Only one thing which is different thats tradition! 

In polish culture God is very important. Old ladies visit church many times a week and listening catholic radio which is brainwash (trust me thats true ._."). Im not sure but I heard that in Korea religion is important too so maybe it looks little like that too. 
The next thing very popular is tv series. Some boring stories which have 1000000...
episodes where always everyone got problems. I dont get it. Why people there cant be happy? Because of this series people looking  for problems in them life. 
Next important thing is food. Polish old ladies are great chef, they accept only polish traditional food. The same situation is in Korea. Korean old ladies accept only korean food. 
Old ladies in Korea and Poland like the same hairstyle haha xD In Korea people call it ajumma pam, in Poland hmmm baranek? Im really not sure if is special word on this hairstyle but pam means perm so in polish thats just trwała.

Of course not all Ajumma and Moher are bad. My grandma is AWESOME! I really love her!
Its depends on person which u meet. Many times is really nice but sometimes better is u run away ;p  
I remember how I meet really nice old lady which just say to me about her life. I didnt asking but maybe she saw that Im nice person haha ;p She was really sick and she went to hospital on research. I hope that everything is find with her. 

Anyway, no matter if u meet really nice old lady or terrible Ajumma/Moher remember thats old person and she deserved on respects.

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  1. It's offensive , unmannerly and it insults religious feelings

    1. no one gives a shit about your religious feelings!