piątek, 8 lutego 2013

Skin care / Cheap weapon

Hi guys,
So we know now what is the reason of us acne but what we can do with this what we have now?
On allergic acne the best is toothpaste. Everyone have it (I hope so ._.") so I dont think that's problem.Apply toothpaste on acne after u going to bed. When u will be sleep toothpaste will be dry ur acne. In the morning just wash pasta. Do it 3 times (or how much u need). That really helps, is cheap and easy.
If u have clogged pores u need peeling. In shops is many kind of peelings but many have some bad components for us skin so the safest way is using natural peeling. That's not very complicated. U just need some delicate gel to wash face and:
1) salt
2) sugar
3) baking soda
One spoon gel + one spoon 1, 2 or 3. Washing like with normal gel.
Very good too are oatmeal but for them u dont need gel but water or natural yogurt.

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  1. Soczewki: model Starbust jakby kwiat:P

    U tej osoby kupiłam.

    Też u mnie się sporo płaci za dłuższe włosy tym drożej:/