poniedziałek, 4 lutego 2013

Pony makeup tutorials

Hi guys,
Today I have for u some inspiration from Pony. She is...hmmm...I'm not sure xD on internet people call her "ulzzang" so she should be blogger and model. Anyway I guess she is very popular in Korea. She published her own book with her ideas on makeup. Many scans from this book u can with in internet.
Her tutorials are so cool and interesting, I think that everyone find something there. U dont need to know korean to understand it kk ;p  So I show u now little scans which I find, maybe some from this will be inspiration for u ;)

I like it coz she using colors! Why everyone using only black eyeliner and neutral shadows?
And don't worrie if u not looks like Pony, u can always little change her make up and u will be looks good too ^^

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  1. Nice post!I love Pony's makeup as well :D I'm a big fan ulzzangs!
    Love, Naly