poniedziałek, 4 lutego 2013

Ulzzang eye makeup

Hi guys,
The most popular korean "ulzzang" have the same eye makeup, neutral shadows and eyeliner. I have for u some tutorials "how they do this?" xD
That's step by step how to make perfect ulzzang line. U don't have to using black eyeliner. Brown looks more natural and is better option for girls with blue eyes.
This is hmmm tell me if I'm wrong but for me it looks like puppy eye makeup. This makeup not looks good on everyone but u can trying, maybe it looks better then normal line? How knows? ;)
This is interesting coz we using eyeliner so delicate coz we want only to make almond eyes but we dont want to have strong line. This makeup is good for eyeryday like Park Sora which using it to school coz looks very natural, ;)
Here is puppy eye. Isn't very strong but delicate and nice. I saw this makeup in japanese magazines, if i good remember it was Popteen.
Here surprise! Option for someone without double eyelid. It's so pretty ^^

4 komentarze:

  1. Ja nie potrafię wykonac ulzzang makijażu:/
    Jakby był tutorial na naszych oczach to może bym się nauczyła:D

  2. It's great you added it ^^ I have big problems with doing this makeup, and I am just easily forgetting about how to do it XD thank youu for this post :D