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When u crying all night / How to take care of eyes

Hi guys,
All girls have sometimes that time when we crying all night coz we have broken heart, someone dead, we have stomach ache etc. Thats not shame.
Eyes are very delicate part of us body so I have little tips for u:
* Dont going to sleep with makeup,
* Many times special cosmetics to make up removal arent good for us eyes, better is using some oil (I prefer sunflower oil), 
 U can find how using it on youtube
* Using eye creams everyday, they will regenerating and moisturizing ur eyes,
I will add review soon
* Using eye drops 2 times a week or more. I bought in last time eye drops which relaxing eyes, they are awesome when u spending very long time working on computer, u can using it how much u want, everyday too ;)
* Eyes love vit A(butter, fish, eggs, milk, yellow cheese, sour cream), vit C(lemons, apples, strawberries,
raspberries, currant, gooseberry, peppers, broccoli, brussels sprouts, sauerkraut, potatoes, horseradish, dill, green parsley), zinc and copper(peas, beans, lentils, beets, potatoes, onions, spinach),
* Remember that when u working with computer u need do break after 2h. 
* Do eye exercises

* Massage 
Remember that the best antidote on everything is laugh. No matter how is bad, laugh can make everything better. So if u have now very bad mood come on go somewhere with friends, make something what makes u happy or watch some comedy on tv or youtube (I know I know but on youtube is everything haha ;p)

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  1. No matter whut,no matter how stupid that looks just laugh or go to bed.