poniedziałek, 4 lutego 2013

egyou sal/aegyosal

Hi guys,
I want to do post about egyou sal or aegyosal, I'm not sure what is correct. Anyway, I mean lower eyelid. 
No that's not eyebags =.=
People with aegyosal are for korean people more pretty then people without it. Why? For them that's sweet and very korean (._.?). 

Is special trick which people using to create fake or have more pretty aegyosal.
That's so easy and cute ^^ Good alternative for plastic surgery. 
What is great in this? People with it always looks good, no matter if they slept 10h or 2 h. They don't need to worried that in next day they will be looks like zombie with bangs. They always looks awesome.... Yes, I'm jealous xD

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  1. Ooo thanks for tip! Nice blog too :D