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How korean girls using blush and conturing face?

Hi guys,
Korean girls always looks so natural and perfect. Even if they make it with make up they do this very discreet. So how they do this?
So easy right? ;) It makes ur face so freshly and cute.

pink dots mean blush
blue mean highlight
and brown mean shadow 
 Here u have how korean girls modeling face with more details.

And now time to perfect cheek ^^
Pony used 4 colors of blush in the same time to make more real, not so dolly cheeks.
Here Pony used 3 colors on 3 parts of her face. I more like this coz when we have makeup like that cheek looks slimmer but still sweet. 


We don't want to looks like clown, witch or old woman. Don't use too much cosmetics!

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