czwartek, 7 lutego 2013

Good food = Good skin (part 1)

Hi guys,
Today I have for u some tips how to don't have ance.
Acne has or had everyone, if u never had it u are evil haha ;p But seriously, acne aren't from air. Is some reason why they are on us face and others parts of us body. Yes we can using a lot of cosmetics but thats not change fact that they back. Is many reasons why we have acne, most important of them are hormones, disease like hyperhidrosis and allergy. 
I want to focus no allergy. We can have allergic acne because:
1) components in us cosmetics are bad for us skin
2) food which we eat make us allergy
About cosmetics I will be talking in other post. So lets start with list of food which can make u acne:

1) chocolate

2) nuts

3) milk

4) eggs

5) dairy products

6) ice creams

7) instant soup

8) fried food

9) all kinds of meat

10) soy

11) products of flour

12) yeast

13) strawberries

14) coffee

15) lemons

16) oranges 

17) others citrus

I can't tell u what is bad definitely for u coz all organisms are different. U must try step by step what makes ur acnes. For me bad are eggs and milk in 100% coz when I eating it on next day I have ugly acne TT

3 komentarze:

  1. omg most of products that i love are in these list ;w; but thanks for sharing these list! i will bemore carefull now what i eat ^^

    1. So I'm happy that I help u ^.^ if u have some questions u can always ask

  2. No perukę warto kupić...swoje włosy też zapuszczam, a jak chcę zmiany fryzury to wciągam ją na głowę i pop krzyku:P
    Można też japońskie peruki kupić na allegro za około 150zł, idzie ona około 22dni. Ale wybór jest ogromny i piękne są:) Mają też dopinki jak z Prissili^^ Mogę przesłać link do sprzedającego jak chcesz:P